About Duhallow Organics


 Duhallow Organics was founded in 2017 as  a collaborative effort between local organic farmers and butchers who passionately believe in producing wholesome natural food that has been grown locally and with respect for nature.  The quality of our produce has already been noted by some of Ireland's top hotels and restaurants where you can sample our Dexter  - Sheen Falls Lodge and Mick and Jimmys in Kenmare; -  Stephens Green Hibernian Club and Forrest Avenue in Dublin and Ballyfin Demesne in County Laois. 

Our Background and Philosophy:

We have been farming organically since 2005 and believe that organic farming is a positive philosophy which rejects artificial fertilisers, pesticides and chemical inputs. Moreover, it is a sustainable approach to farming which views the farm as a whole system in harmony with the natural surroundings and nature itself as well as the local communities. We take our role as caretakers of the land very seriously and have adopted a regenerative approach to farming which includes regenerating topsoil, restoring wild flower and clover meadows as well as hedgerow and field margin management. As well as providing our animals with all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to thrive, this also supports a diverse range of insects and wildlife.  We are also a little obsessed with trees and have planted over 1000 of them over the past 14 years, trees play an essential role in carbon sequestration which is an important part of creating climate resilience.